What seems to be your obvious advantages

Whichever vacancy you claimed, there are a few items that will in any case be deemed to be your greatest strengths and will allow you to have the advantage, even if they are not specified in the requirements for applicants for the choicest jobs. First of all, this higher education, experience in the industry or of the profession, knowledge of computer and foreign language, experience with specialized software and the ability to use the Internet.

Many job seekers make the mistake of describing in summary these positive qualities, as punctuality, diligence, integrity or punctuality. Employers realize that even if it is not, you still can not write the truth, but if you want, mention them in person at the interview. To summary, it was clear that you are the one who may come, will have to flesh it out.
In the text of your resume should give the impression that you constantly professionally improved, staying in one place or changing them.

What other strengths it will be necessary to mention in the summary

Carefully read the listing of requirements to the candidate. Analyze them and how you meet one or the other. If there are items that you fully comply with, these should be specified as its strengths. But don't just mention and describe in more detail, referring to the section "Education" or "Experience" courses, educational institution or enterprise where you got certain knowledge, experience and skill.

Describing their participation in the implementation of major projects, be sure to define your role, please indicate in what capacity you participated, how many people worked on their implementation. Such specific examples in the section "Experience" and will be your strengths, but try not to exaggerate the extent of their participation in order not to cause doubt.
In your summary try not to embellish and, especially, not to lie, it will become clear, because the employees of recruiting agencies or departments staff – experienced people.

In the case where compliance is incomplete, the text summary should be clear, that you are quite capable of overcoming it, that for you it will not be easy, and you're ready to put all forces. To the employer not create the impression that you are not a man but an angel, and indicate some of its weaknesses, but even they seemed in a favorable light.