You will need
  • • the photo that is sympathetic and suitable for Fax;
  • • information about the firm, you are going to send resume;
  • • access to the Internet.
The title of the document: "Summary". Do not change fonts, remember, you make up the document. Then enter the contact information, insert photo, below, indicate marital status and age. In order to write an effective resume, you must submit information as concise as possible but informative.
Goal. Write down what you aspire to. Write all positions who would like to take. Do not stretch this point more than 2-3 lines.
Education. Pay maximum attention to this point and list all training dates in reverse order. In order to provide a complete summary, you are encouraged to also write training courses that you managed to pass, etc. Here enter the average score in the gradebook.
Experience. If you are an experienced specialist with a great track record, specify 2-3 most recent job. It is better not to specify the working experience more than 10 years ago. For a young specialist it is better to specify all the jobs, jobs and labor practices. Include this information in reverse chronological order with the date and duration of the work.
Additional skills. Specify all the things that does not directly relate to the work, but describes you as an employee. Write about what you have the rights or you are doing karate for 3 years. Maybe you speak 3 languages and masterly use of the PC. Thinking about how to prepare a CV, you must understand, that your resume will be only a couple of minutes to "showmanship".
Recommendations. Here you can make a list of those employers that will leave about your work is a good opinion if you need one. Most often this count is a formality, but do not neglect it.
Conclusion. In conclusion, leave the date and your signature. Often update date, so no one would think that you have long and unsuccessfully looking for work. Check all written, edit it to be decorated in the same style. Summary with mistakes - losing summary.