The formation of urate stones in the bladder is common. The reason for this deviation is the reduction of the filtration properties of the kidney, and the use of hard water containing large amounts of salt. As a rule, small rocks and sand are quite capable to go out on their own, but a person may experience severe pain. In order to facilitate the entry of stones, you should reduce their size or completely dissolve. In order to facilitate the entry of stones, it is recommended to take drugs. The most effective preparations include "Zistan", "Urolesan", "Allopurinol", "Shed", "Futility" and some others. These drugs make the urine saturated with alkali that promotes dissolution of stones.
For dissolving the stones of any size can be prepared mixed decoction, which is composed of the following herbs: rose hips - 120 g, clover – 6 g, juniper fruit - 20 g, shepherd's bag - 20 g, wild rose flowers - 20 g, nettle leaves - 40 g. To prepare the broth first, you need to carefully grind all herbal ingredients. Received tea blend brew 300 ml of boiling water. Drink the broth as tea 2 times a day. To improve taste you can add honey. Drink a decoction need through a tube that the liquid is not in contact with the tooth enamel. After taking the decoction definitely need to brush my teeth, because the active substance of tea can not only dissolve stones of kidney and bladder, but and enamel.
Apple broth can also be a life-saving tool when you want to quickly dissolve the stone in the bladder. To prepare the broth take approximately 100 g of Apple peel in 1 litre of water. All the ingredients of the broth are placed in an enamel pan and brought to a boil. Boil the broth for 10 min. Next, the broth should infuse for about 2 hours. You must drink at least 2 cups of broth a day to increase its effectiveness.In the broth during cooking, you can add a few slices of lemon.
Folk remedies can also be used for prevention, if the person is often faced with the problem of accessing the stones. A nice way to cleanse the kidneys, bladder and all channels is watermelon juice. This product is recommended to all who from time to time suffering from the stone formation, as a watermelon and allows a full treatment of salts accumulating on the walls of the organs involved in urinary diversion.