You will need
  • - urethroscopy,
  • - contact lithotripsy,
  • - garlic,
  • - sunflower
  • - Mel,
  • - aloe juice, lemon, carrot, beet, cucumber,
  • - rose roots,
  • - black radish
  • field horsetail.
Stones from the ureter is removed effectively with the help of ureteroscopy and contact lithotripsy. The procedure involves entry of the ureteroscope and further inspection of the lumen of the ureter. Next, using the special tool to the stone to break into fragments that are removed with a clamp or loop. The resulting sand goes out on their own. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. To discharge the patient on the third day.
Traditional medicine offers to withdraw stones with special infusions. Take one glass of squeezed garlic. The same amount of ground sunflower in the flowering stage, honey and aloe juice. Pour one Cup of rubbing alcohol. Mix thoroughly and place in a jar. The mixture insist 12 days in a dark place. Take one tablespoon one hour before a meal.
For stones in the ureter helps juice lemon, carrot, beet and cucumber. Lemon juice should be diluted with water and take ten glasses a day for three days.
Chop the rose roots. Two tablespoons take a glass of water. Boil. The decoction should insist then carefully drain. Take half a Cup four times a day, not less than 30 days.
An excellent remedy for stones in the ureter is a black radish. Pass it through a fine grater, squeeze the juice. Take three times a day for one tablespoon.
Cut 0.5 kg of carrots, add a similar quantity of raisins and pour a liter of water. Bring to a boil. Then components place into the oven for eight hours. When the broth has cooled, strain through a cheesecloth. Take half a Cup three times a day before meals.
Also a beneficial effect on the kidney and ureter has a horsetail. Brew one teaspoon to 200 ml of boiling water. Steep for twenty minutes. Take half an hour before meals for three months.