Diagnosis of the disease is urologist, so if you have pain in the lower abdomen, accompanied by fever, a violation of urination, appearance of blood in the urine, immediately consult a specialist. Treatment depends on the physico-chemical composition of the stone. Before the therapy, you must pass tests and undergo ultrasound and x-rays.
If the stone is in the ureter has a small size, try to get rid of it with conservative methods. Take anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic medications prescribed by a doctor. If necessary, take a course of antibiotic therapy. Drink drugs that dissolve stones. Their choice is made by the doctor and depends on the composition of concrements.
With the ineffectiveness of drug therapy, complete treatment by the method of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. It can be used to break the stones into small pieces that easily come out of the ureter in a natural way, or completely dissolve them.
Observe the drinking regime. For kidney stones you must daily consume at least two liters of fluid. Better if it is plain water but do not bring harm and herbal teas, fruit drinks, fruit drinks.
Follow the diet that is to avoid the products that cause the formation of stones. When phosphate stones it is necessary to exclude meat, muffin, fatty meals and dairy products. When uric acid — the liver and kidneys. When oxalate stonex contraindicated spinach, chocolate and citrus.
With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment the surgery. Depending on the localization and size of concrements preference may be given to laparoscopy or ureterolithotomy. In some cases it is possible to get rid of the stone through the ureteral catheter.