Nothing invigorates the body like Jogging in the morning. Use this lesson, already evident after a few runs.

Use the morning run

First, your sleep and strengthens the nervous system. Secondly, there is the energy and improves mood (if you jog in the Park, on nature background – the effect is doubled). Third, what is especially important for women, morning running is good for the figure: excess calories are burned instantly, and after regular training, removal of cellulite, shapes gain elasticity, and the legs become the envy of friends and the admiration of men.

Morning Jogging helps to cleanse the lungs because of the large number of inhaled oxygen, and the children from these classes help to correct defects of posture.

Running in the morning is not just useful but convenient. The evening is not particularly conducive to active movement (though it individually), but in the morning not many people, there is nothing stopping to enjoy nature and fresh air. A morning jog will not only help to improve physical and emotional condition: to distract from vanity, will be adjusted for the next day positively.

A few tips on how to make the morning run

1. The most important thing – will power. The first morning is usually the hardest, but if she succeeds, then this activity will be included in a pleasant and useful habit. Running in the morning – exercise regularly!
2. Those who are just beginning to work a morning run, healthier to do it about three to four times a week for half an hour (the time can increase to hours).
3. Before class should consult with your doctor (internist or cardiologist). People suffering from obesity or diabetes should strictly follow doctors ' recommendations.
4. First, you need to stretch your muscles and only after that Jogging. Workout not only will benefit, but will save from unnecessary injuries. Jogging suit dirt track, as running on asphalt can damage the joints.
5. It is important that the elbows were pressed to the body and arms moved in rhythm with his feet.
6. After Jogging a glass of water or milk will help the body to recover, should not be neglected and shower.

If you follow these simple rules, the effect of Jogging in the morning will be noticeable after a while. The figure will become slim and fit and health will surely be better!