General nutrition guidelines for atopic dermatitis – an individual approach and the exclusion or limitation of obligate allergens and products which cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and increasing its permeability. It is also important to avoid eating food additives, which in themselves do not cause allergies, but is able to trigger the release of biologically active substances that provoke the emergence allergopodobnyh symptoms, the number of such additives include various dyes, preservatives, flavors.
Obligate allergens are products that most frequently cause allergic reactions. Experts share all obligate allergens into two groups. The first group includes those products that can be eliminated from the diet without compromising its usefulness. These include all citrus fruits, strawberries and strawberries, raspberries, honey, cocoa and chocolate, coffee, exotic fruits (pineapples, mango), black and red currant. It is also desirable to abandon the use of tomatoes, pomegranates, other fruits and vegetables red, and orange. Are not recommended and are rich in protein foods like mushrooms, fish, nuts, eggs and seafood.
The second group of obligate allergens include foods with high nutritional value – they are difficult to replace, and the complete elimination of such foods from the diet will inevitably make it less full. It is wheat, eggs, cow's milk, soy, some kinds of meat (chicken, beef), potatoes. Obligate allergens of the second group is used in small quantities outside the periods of exacerbation and are subjected to special treatment to reduce their allergenic activity. So, whole cow's milk replaces dairy products, eggs long boil, and the potatoes soaked after cleaning.
From the diet of a patient with atopic dermatitis rule out a strong meat and fish broth smoked, spicy, salty and pickled foods, fried foods. In food it is forbidden to add hot spices and seasonings – pepper, horseradish, mustard. Prohibited and a variety of sauces, including mayonnaise and ketchup. Sodas, crackers, chips, pastries are not allowed. It is best if all food for the patient with atopic dermatitis will prepare at home without adding artificial ingredients. If dermatitis was diagnosed in an infant, the diet has to be nursing mothers to allergens were not included in the body of a baby with breast milk.