To the alignment of the linoleum took place evenly, cut it into strips corresponding to the size of the room, spread them out and allow to rest up to until the waves are not smoothed. This may take quite a long time, but the amount of work will be minimal. For linoleum, you will go, but you can not put heavy objects on it, because they can leave indentations.
If you need to save time, then just loop the coil with the linoleum side facing inward, in such a position, he should be a few hours. Note that the inner edge before the fast left internal and after it, then the alignment will be correct. If you are in the store wrapped the linoleum outward side, respectively, it is necessary to twist the underside of the inside.
When linoleum is laid it is necessary at once, is the fastest method of rectification – smoothing. One edge of the cover attach the baseboard. Take a long Board, put on her cargo, now call assistants and with their help move the Board with the load to the opposite wall. At the wall stop and without removing the load, attach the other edge of the linoleum. Then smooth the coating surface in the perpendicular direction in the same way.