Linoleum – invaluable material for the garden

Owners of personal plots know how after the rain it is not easy to walk between the beds. Dirt tends to stick to shoes. Also have to weed not only the patch, but these aisles, as it is not always the braid can fit on these small tracks.

If you still have linoleum, make him comfortable path. Under them the grass will grow, which is also valuable. If you have clay, flatten it, lay strips of linoleum, secure the perimeter of large nails. They are well into the ground and will keep this material. On other soils put first wide Board, impregnated with antiseptic, and by her nail a strip of this material.

From the remnants of the linoleum strip to make nails. Just cut small circles or squares. Attach the tip of the nail to the front side of the piece, hit a couple of times on the head with a hammer. You make an excellent fastener. Such nails do not fail in cardboard, foam plastic, ruberoid, roofing, when you need to nail down these materials to the base.

In the country of the strips of linoleum you can make a beautiful edging for trees, bushes. Measure the ribbon the right size. If you want a pair of scissors to make the top edge wavy. Frame strip tree trunks of the tree and secure it by sticking with the outer and inner sides a few long nails or slim fingers. Paint a border in your favorite color, and another glory of the garden ready.

Use for home

Scraps of linoleum, you can decorate the house. If you have the remnants of two different colors, make like a mosaic. Even if they are small, will be enough on the floor for a small room – washroom, pantry. With sharp scissors cut into squares the same size. Glue them on the smooth surface of adhesive for linoleum in a checkerboard pattern. It is possible to make floors from pieces of several colors in the patchwork.

If you feel a design element, make the pattern more varied. From the remnants of building material of the same color to cut out a butterfly, a mushroom, from another – the background for these items. From this floor the child will be simply delighted. The main thing – firmly to glue the material. For this, use all those scraps of linoleum. Chop them, put in a jar, pour the brim with acetone, close the lid. After 15 hours of solid glue is ready. It will attach to the floor not only the linoleum, but the tile is perfectly glued ceramics, fabric, porcelain, wood and even metal.

If you add one part of this mixture as much chalk, mix, then using the resulting mass securely attach the tile on the painted surface.