Advice 1: How to pull a large chest

When most women's Breasts lose shape and firmness and begins to cause a lot of complexes, should not run headlong to a plastic surgeon because quite often, such operations result in failure, leaving behind bruises and scars. Moreover, in any case, the result obtained after the operation will last from 1 to 5 years, and then the shape of the breast will again have to adjust.
How to pull a large chest
There are many ways to pull a large chest, you should start with a contrast shower and massage. Every time after taking a warm or hot bath, rinse your Breasts with cool water. This will help to make the skin more elastic. Then proceed to massage with the help of cosmetic products designed to improve breast shape. Apply on the palm of your hand slightly, slowly in a circular motion to massage the chest, but this must be done carefully so as not to injure the sharp movement.
Very well on the delicate skin influenced by masks from natural products. If the chestYu properly care daily and a couple times a week to do special masks, then after a while you will begin to notice improvements.
Take 2 tablespoons low-fat sour cream, add 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix thoroughly and after bathing, apply the mask on the skin of the breast, avoiding the areola and nipples. Leave the mask on for half an hour and then just rinse with warm water.
After 3 days make for a special breast cream of oatmeal. To do this, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, place in a small bowl, pour small amount of boiling water, cover and leave for 20 minutes. Ready oatmeal mask mix well, leaving no lumps, then apply the tool and to the décolletage, and the skin of the breast. After half an hour wash the Breasts with warm water and Pat dry.
Constantly alternate firming masks for the chest.
With the help of physical exercises can be pumped under the chestYu muscle, thereby increasing its mass and pull a large chest. Exercises should be done at least every 2 days, otherwise it's just a waste of time. Start with push UPS, but modify them by focusing not on the abdominal muscles and the chest.
Then get some rest and work with hands. Become straight, stretching his arms out to the sides, and then start making circular movements, first forward, then backwards.
If used in parallel pull-up cosmetics, the result will not keep itself waiting long.
The larger the breast size, the harder it is to return to her previous form.
Useful advice
In order to feel confident, you can use a special padding for the chest that holds the form.

Advice 2: Why do men have Breasts with nipples

What women need Breasts with nipples clear – the mother should feed the baby the milk flows through the nipples. Male offspring suckle - so he doesn't need one?
Why do men have Breasts with nipples
From little boys and girls Breasts look the same. With age in girls under the influence of the hormone estrogen (produced in ovaries and adrenals) chest develops. In the male body the hormone estrogen is also present (produced by the adrenal glands), but the number is not enough for full development of breast tissue. Excessive breast development in men, pathology, and medicine called gynecomastia. Causes gynecomastia a lot (more than 30), but the most common is an imbalance of the testosterone–estrogen.

In men, the breast tissue is functionally protects against damage to the heart and lungs. But the heart and lungs protects even more hard tissue – bone, in the form of ribs.

Versions of the presence of Breasts with nipples in men is a lot for visual appeal, as erogenous zone, how vulnerable men and even the mythical (we all were once hermaphrodites). In fact, the answer is you can get by tracing the embryonic development of man. Up to 8 weeks of fetal life between the embryos, male and female, no difference. During this period, all embryos have nipples. After 8 weeks under the influence of hormones, the embryo begins to develop in either the female or the male type, therefore, the nipples of both sexes. A similar process is observed in all mammals, including humans.

Advice 3: How to pull the body 2 weeks using strap

The plank is a static exercise and seemingly simple, is fraught with tremendous benefits for the body. While you're trying to hold yourself in the push-up position for half a minute, all the muscles from neck to calves are under extreme pressure.
How to pull the body 2 weeks using strap

It would seem that the plank is an exercise from the category of "do not beat lying". However, try to stand still for half a minute (this is basic for newcomers) in position and you will understand that it is not so simple. To stay need to put a lot of effort and while you are struggling not to cave in, working almost all the muscles of the body: neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs, buttocks, thighs, calves... Doing the bar, you will not get muscle mass, but do as professionals say, the "iron corset" and the body will become fit, embossed, and press "steel".

Try to do every day, the bar - and after 2 weeks, you will notice in the mirror a great result!

How to do a classic bar?

Lie on the floor face down. Bend your elbows 90 degrees, go to the focus lying on his elbows. Rely only on your forearms and toes. Elbows are exactly below the shoulders.

Tighten your abs and buttocks, keep hips and lower back does not bend. The body should be a straight line from head to toe. Breathe smoothly. Proderzhavshis as much as possible, gently bend your knees and return to starting position.

To start training you need from 10-30 seconds for beginners, gradually increasing the time in the bar to 1.5 minutes. Repeating the exercise several times, stretch.

Options exercises:

1) Plank on straight arms.

Lying in the starting position, straighten your elbows fully, drawing in the emphasis on direct hands. Keep the back in the spine and shoulders do not "SAG" and not curved in an arc!

2) Power strap.

Stretch yourself in the classic bar, leaning on his elbows. Again - on the exhale, straighten your right arm, press your palm into the floor, two - straighten your left arm. Three - fold back the right hand, by leaning on the elbow, four - bend your left arm and return to starting position.

All the time ensure that the back, buttocks, thighs and legs remain straight.

Exercise makes the body run in emergency mode, adds a cardio.

3) the Classic strap with the allotted leg.

Pull in the bar. Tighten your abs, buttocks and thighs. Shift your weight to your left toe. Right leg straightened (heel stares at the ceiling, socks in the floor), take 10-20 centimetres. Freeze in this position. Then repeat the same exercise on the other leg.

4) Complicated level.

Pull in the bar to straight arms. Slowly raise your right arm forward and left leg pull back. Freeze in this position for 10-20 seconds. Sure that outstretched hand made a direct line with the torso and leg laid back. Gently return to starting position and repeat the same exercise, stretching his left arm and right leg.

5) Side plank.

Lie on your right side. Bend your right arm - the elbow is just under the shoulder rests on the floor. Left arm bent, hand on waist. Pull at attention, legs, hips, lower back are in a straight line. Reliance on the right forearm, and soles. Hold out as long as possible, slowly return to starting position.

Repeat the same exercise on the other side.

6) Side plank with your arm outstretched.

Straighten your right arm, lean on the right hand - it should be strictly under the shoulder. Raise your left arm up so that she was on the right straight line, Legs extended, to the floor abut only the side of the soles. Keep the torso, legs and Polanica were straight, the stomach does not SAG.

Repeat the same exercise on the other side.

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