You will need
  • Inhaler or saucepan, water, a towel, boiled potatoes, eucalyptus leaves, raspberry leaves, calendula, mother and stepmother, leaves of BlackBerry, "Pinosol."
The most common type of inhalation – inhalation of vapor over the pot in which you cooked the potatoes. Boil a few potatoes, drain the water, head down closer to the edges of the tank top throw a towel and inhale the steam while it's hot. Please note that inhalation is impossible to do if you have a high temperature.
In pharmacies sell special devices for inhalation of vapour, they are inhalers, and are quite inexpensive. They need to fill those or other solutions for the procedure, and then inhale the vapor through a special trumpet. Very well, for example, helps with colds eucalyptus. Boil 1 tablespoon of dry herbs in 1 liter of water, pour into the inhaler and breathe in for 10-15 minutes. Instead of grass, you can apply eucalyptus essential oil, it is sold in pharmacies.
If the cold is very strong, or even chronic, inhalation will help with more powerful means. For example, try to breathe over a hot decoction of raspberry leaves or marigold flowers. In the first case, you will need 100 grams of raw material per 1 liter of water, the second – 10 grams per 200 ml. Even better would be to mix the two solutions.
A great effect is produced by inhalation or BlackBerry leaves mother and stepmother. BlackBerry should take in the ratio of 100 grams of leaves for 1 liter of water, the mother-and-stepmother – 15 grams per 200 ml, and you need to make an infusion and then heat it.
Also very good with a strong fever the inhalation of "Pinosol." These drops in many natural essential oils. When inhaled, they greatly facilitate the patient's condition and to quickly cure a runny nose and sore throat. Add in boiling water 20 drops of the drug and breathe.