Advice 1: How many minutes do the inhalation nebulizer to a child

The holding of the inhalation nebulizer is one of the popular methods of treatment. Especially popular for the treatment of children. After inhalation, effective and completely painless. However, this procedure would benefit, not harm, it is necessary to properly conduct. And one of the important indicators is the time of its execution.
How many minutes do the inhalation nebulizer to a child
Inhalation nebulizer to help clear the nasal passages if nasal congestion and runny nose, soothe the throat and soaked mucus, so it flows faster, and the disease is on the decline. The holding of the inhalation it is possible and at home. And doctors even wrote a manual for parents, which can treat the child fairly efficiently and quickly.

How much time do you need to do inhalation

On average, doctors determined the duration of inhalation for 10-15 minutes. To exceed this time is not necessary. However, in the case of children exceed themselves, and fail, because the little fidgets to sit still in one place for so long is very difficult. But it is worth considering that less than prescribed time inhalation is also not worth it. At least it should add 5 minutes. Otherwise its effect will be greatly reduced.

By the way, look at the time simply. Nebulizer spray a certain amount of medication over time. So, a number of models, for example, are able to spray 5 ml for 5 minutes. Therefore, in the process of the procedure is not necessary to measure the time, you can just look at the amount of drug in the capsule apparatus. Read the instructions and find out whether your device is such a function.

The first time you can slightly reduce the duration of inhalation. However, you need to try to withstand at least 3 minutes. It is only in the case if the child is nervous, cranky and shows different signs of anxiety. In this situation it is better to have less time for the procedure, the baby will not get any effect from that will cry, etc.

If you use one nebulizer to treat several people at once, for example, two children or dad and child, or children, remember, time of continuous work for about 15 minutes. So between the inhalations for each family member to make a break in half an hour. Otherwise you risk to burn your device.

How to carry out the inhalation to be effective

The patient should sit, the mask tightly to face. However, she should fully cover the nose and mouth. At the time treatments throughout the talk. Also, do not be distracted by various other things. This is due to the fact that during inhalation must be very deep breathing and focus only on that.

A runny nose is treated with nasal breathing, i.e. inhale and exhale through the nose do. Be sure to breathe calmly, slowly and smoothly. If during the procedure, the child coughed, should terminate inhalation to cough well and then continue. Time after time, not increase.

Advice 2: How much is nebulizer

With the development of high technologies in people's lives are coming more and more new devices of different type and purpose, including medical. To alleviate the suffering of the patient, improve his condition, invented a variety of different apparatus, for example, such as an inhaler is the nebulizer. It is very simple to use and can be used at home.
Nebulizer for home use
A nebulizer is a device by which conduct the session for urgent therapy during exacerbation of asthma, laryngitis and other diseases, seizures which can cause choking. In addition, it is used in the treatment of catarrhal diseases accompanied by accumulation of non-separated sputum in the bronchi and lungs. The first nebulizer was mentioned in medical records Dating back to 1874. Of course, he was nothing like the modern counterparts, but the essence of his work was the same as at present – it turned liquid drug into an aerosol that is sprayed with it.

The advantages of therapy using inhaler-nebulizer

Advantages of treatment using such devices is obvious – medical drugs have a local impact without damaging the internal organs. High pressure created in the device, the liquid form of the medication is converted into mist, which enters with the air into the respiratory tract of the patient and liquefies phlegm, stimulates the bronchi.

For therapy sessions with a nebulizer use expectorant, broncho-expanding drugs, relieving spasm during asthma attacks. Many of these drugs, when taken orally, have a negative impact on the blood, heart, kidney and gastrointestinal tract. Local their use eliminates the occurrence of side effects and complications. Besides, getting thus into the human body, drugs begin to act much faster.

How much is a nebulizer and how to choose

A range of nebulizers in pharmacy chains is great and simple man, not having medical education, it is very difficult to decide which type of device suits his needs. Before you decide to purchase inhaler-nebulizer, you should consult with your doctor. The value of this device varies from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles, depending on performance and intended use. Inhalers for spraying solutions based on essential oils are more expensive than the inhalers for a simple water solutions.

For each kind of disease need to choose the device with a certain type and speed of spraying of the drug. The great value has the intensity and the frequency of use of the device - if it is supposed to be the active application, it should give preference to the more expensive options, which tend to be much more durable than their cheap counterparts.

Advice 3: What to do inhalation nebulizer at a cold

Among the various types of inhalers through which there is treatment of the nasopharynx, the nebulizer is the most effective. Its advantage is because the medication that is the treatment, using ultrasound to atomize, thus not acting on the parts, and the whole mucous surface of the nose, throat and respiratory tract.
What to do inhalation nebulizer at a cold

Treatment cold nebulizer

As drugs in the treatment of runny nose nebulizer can be used for different compositions including alkaline and salt solutions, antibacterial and thinning phlegm means. For the treatment can be used decoctions of medicinal plants, and various medications, with the same basis.

In pharmacies are available ready-made drugs intended for use during inhalation when cold. In the composition of the solution includes several components, each of which has an impact.

You can use saline solutions such as sodium chloride. Such solutions facilitate the cleansing and lavage of the nasal cavity and mucus accumulations. For the treatment of rhinitis, you can use mucolytics (Mucosolvan), as well as drugs that have a positive effect on the bronchi (atrovent, salbutamol), thereby preventing the development of chronic bronchitis.

How to prepare a solution for nebulizer

Solution for nebulizer can be done at home. For this you will need saline, the temperature of which shall not be less than 20oC. Distilled water is not recommended because it can cause side effects such as difficult breathing and coughing. In nebulizer poured 2 ml of the selected or prepared solution, and then add the desired number of drops of medication.

Means for inhalation therapy having a positive effect, can be prepared on the basis of natural components. The effective impact of alcohol tincture of calendula, or tincture of propolis. For inhalation you can use the tool, which includes the extract of the marsh mallow, horsetail or other medicinal plants, has anti-inflammatory effects. But to make such decisions is not necessary, it is recommended to consult with your doctor who will determine the proportion of funds used for the treatment, taking into account the age and peculiarities of the organism.

The use of a nebulizer for treatment of pregnant

Women during pregnancy need to exercise caution when choosing medications for treatment. Despite the fact that the injection of medicines using a nebulizer is a lighter than taking the conventional tablets, it has its own peculiarities. During this period, you can't use the solution with a pungent odor. For the basics it is recommended to use saline or alkaline mineral water.

In compliance with these guidelines treatment of runny nose with a nebulizer can be used for infants.
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