Nebulizer under the influence of compressed air converts the liquid drug solution in the aerosol form. In the uptake of drugs the main role is played by the particle size of the aerosol. The smaller the particle, the deeper it will penetrate into the bronchial-pulmonary system.

For inhaler nebulizer only fit certain medicinal solutions.

You can use

For the treatment of cough expectorants are used to thin phlegm (mucolytics):

  • Mucosolvan;
  • drops eye;
  • alkaline mineral water type "Borjomi", "Narzan";
  • saline;
  • fluimucil;
  • Pulmozyme.

Bronchial asthma medication dilates the bronchi (bronchodilators):

  • ventolin nebula;
  • salgim;
  • sterineb salamol;
  • astalin.

For inhalation with a nebulizer you can apply some antibiotics, antiseptics, antitubercular drugs and protivogribkovye.

Rules of preparation of medical solutions

It is not recommended to invent therapeutic drugs for use in the nebulizer, in particular flexing of the tablets in a mortar and spreading them with warm water.

The solution temperature-not below 20 degrees Celsius. The solvent uses sterile saline. You should not use tap water or distilled water.

If simultaneously assigned to several inhalations, the first being bronholitika inhalation, 15 minutes – mukolitiki. After the sputum discharge is inhalation anti-inflammatory drug.

Before you begin the procedure, you should carefully study the manual. Some medicines are not suitable for use in the nebulizer.

Strictly prohibited

Drug through a tube or mask penetrates into the upper Airways of the patient. Therefore, nebulizers are strictly prohibited to use the following types of substances:

  • oil solutions;
  • decoctions and infusions of herbs;
  • aminophylline, papaverine, diphenhydramine;
  • systemic hormonal agents.

Very important: all medications and their dosages should be administered by the attending physician.