The male lion and the representatives of spring and summer signs of the Zodiac

The lion is the most Regal among the signs of the Zodiac, and, of course, he wants to be the leader in the relationship. One of the most favourable can become a Union with a female Aries. Since the Aries woman is wisdom and spiritual tact, it will yield to the lion, the coveted right to lead.

It is much harder to build a relationship between Leo and Taurus. But if the Taurus woman will always admire him and will not openly challenge his leadership, their Union can take place.

The perfect companion for the man-Lion will be the female Twin. These signs have almost total compatibility and full understanding.

Not ideal, but possible Alliance between a male Lion and a female Cancer. Gentle, caring and very homely woman with Cancer will be for the Lion's beautiful wife. However, the claims of a Lion on the absolute leadership may not like Cancer.

A Lion and a Lioness General Outlook on life and a full understanding, but they both claim to leadership and full authority in the family, but because their marriage can become a endless battle.

A male lion and women autumn and winter signs of the Zodiac

A good can be a Union between a male Lion and a female Virgin. He immediately will take the lead and she will create for it a cosiness. If the lion will not behave too arrogant, but the maiden refuses recriminations and moralistic in his address, they will be able to achieve harmony in the relationship.

The compatibility of the man-Lion and female Scales. Leo will become the head of the family, and Libra – a wonderful homemaker.

The Union between a Lion and a Scorpion is a constant struggle. At the same time, struggle is a normal condition for both characters. So, as strange as it may seem, the Union of a male Lion and a female Scorpion can be successful.

Pretty high compatibility of a man-Lion with a female Sagittarius. But the natural frivolity of the Sagittarius could destroy this very favorable Union.

Leo and Capricorn is, above all, intellectual Union. They better find a common language in business and social relationships, but wealthy married couple, they are unlikely to create.

Despite the fact that a male lion and Aquarius woman can often quarrel among themselves, their Union, most often, is long and harmonious.

It could be very successful and the Union of a male Lion and female Fish. Soft Fish will raise up for Lion pedestal on top of which he will enjoy power and recognition, and his heart is filled with gratitude to a loving and understanding friend.

So say the stars, but love and understanding between loving people primarily depend on them.