Knowing the temperament of your partner, you can determine the likely fate of such a Union. Phlegmatic are calm and relaxed people, not involved in the fighting, sometimes even seems that these people are completely absent of feelings, as they are indifferent.
Choleric more energetic, but quickly lose the interest, they observed a distinct lack of patience. Melancholic vulnerable and impressionable, hurt experiencing painful conflicts do not go under any circumstances. Sanguine is agile, energetic, but also calm, often disregard the opinions of others, the failures are not paying attention.
If in a family both partners are phlegmatic, then life together will be long and stable. Such couples rarely disagree, although can be a long time to avoid talking to each other. Partners should avoid innuendo and secrets in the relationship, as it may affect mutual trust.
The pair consisting of the phlegmatic and the choleric, or phlegmatic and sanguine, has a tendency to frequent conflict due to the fact that the partner is phlegmatic may not show their feelings quite clearly and emotionally.
When the family consists of two choleric, we should pay more attention to each other, as the frequent conflicts can not be avoided. Both sanguine with ease about everything, but at the same time these relationships lead to cheating and lies. Choleric and melancholic, or sanguine, and the melancholic will often find reason to quarrel, especially as the melancholic always offended because of some little things and overreacting all the problems.
Sometimes people are very similar to each other, they feel wonderful understanding from the first minute Dating. They have the same tastes, actions, and opinions on many issues. But when they are together, all the shortcomings and advantages will appear brighter in two times. Despite this, they understand the motives of each other, but can't point out mistakes because I just don't see them, what are the hurdles of relationships.