The symptoms of syphilis

When infected the symptoms are absent. After the incubation period, which can last from three to six weeks, contact the place formed a dense rounded form ulcers, or gummas, chancre. Ulcer painless to palpation. Her bottom is smooth and shiny. Increase rapidly in infected lymph nodes in the area of education of the chancre. During this period, diagnosed with primary syphilis.

After two months from the date of ulceration of the skin and mucous membranes are covered by a generalized rash. The rash can be pustular, spotted and initially have a dark red colour, but gradually turn pale. Scraping secondary sifiliguu allows to reveal the pale Treponema. The patient becomes infectious to others, an infectious disease can be transmitted by using common household items. After a few days all symptoms disappear, syphilis enters a latent, or hidden form.

Tertiary syphilis is characterized by destructive severe damage to the vital organs and all body systems.

Diagnosis of syphilis

Now apply various diagnostic methods. The analysis of blood revealed treponemal and non-treponemal antibodies. Mass survey of the population – RW (Wasserman) cardiolipin antigen is not always possible to obtain the most reliable result. Therefore, if suspicion for syphilis is recommended to conduct a blood test with treponemal antigen.

The treatment of syphilis

Patients with syphilis put on the account. Treatment is with antibiotics from a number of cephalosporins and macrolides. Penicillin, a number currently not in use. The duration of therapy depends on the stage of syphilis and can take from two to three weeks to five years. All contact persons should be identified and treated. For five years the patient is repeatedly re-examined and removed from the register, if the disease is completely cured.