Symptoms of tuberculosis is often confused with the usual manifestations of SARS. If you feel weak, tired quickly, your performance has declined significantly, do not guess, and immediately consult a doctor. Reinsurance is better once again because it can be cold, and fatigue syndrome, and tuberculosis.
Please note if you have shortness of breath, constant low-grade fever and cough. It is also a sign of tuberculosis.
Make sure that you do not have such alarming symptoms, such as sweating, sudden weight loss, tachycardia, swelling of the lymph nodes. In addition, if you feel chest pain, do not delay your visit to the hospital later. Pass the examination, submit to a blood test, go for x-rays. On the basis of all these manipulations and will be delivered accurate and correct diagnosis. Then the doctor will choose for you the best treatment.
The person with TB is emaciated. He pointed facial features, and plays on his cheeks flushed. In certain situations, due to the taper features of the person can become even more attractive. That face looks very aristocratic. But it is, unfortunately, a very unhealthy signal.
In schools and preschool institutions shall conduct periodic tuberculin. The doctor makes the children intradermal tuberculin skin test. This allows identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the body and in terms of infections to study the reactivity of the organism. Tuberculin is a biologically active drug which is prepared from filtrates of live bacteria. Widespread Diaskintest and Mantoux test.
Take regular x-rays of the chest, is the easiest way to diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis.
In tuberculosis of bones and joints you will notice the appearance of pain in the affected areas. In addition, there may be pathological fractures and reduced mobility.
Watch your digestion. Frequent constipation, abdominal pain, discharge of blood during defecation may indicate tuberculosis of the digestive tract.
If your skin appeared seals and nodules, increasing in size, break it and go outside, in appearance resembling white curd, there is a danger that you have tuberculosis of the skin.