Infection with syphilis nachnetsya with the penetration into the body of the causative agent — Treponema pallidum. Keep in mind that infection with syphilis can not only sexually but also through saliva, blood, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, spoons, glasses sick person.
Inspect your body 2-3 weeks after questionable contact if I suspect disease. In the third week of the incubation period appears the first visible symptom is a hard painless sore. It's called a "chancre".
If you see something similar to a chancre, analyze its General condition. It was at this time the primary period of syphilis, which is characterized by appearance of fever, fever, malaise. The patient often suffer from headaches, aching bones, insomnia.
Palpate lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes, especially those located in close proximity to the chancre, is one of the symptoms of syphilis. To the touch they are firm, elastic, movable, painless.
Please note that the incubation period of the disease may take if you were treated with antibiotics for another condition. Syphilis this dosage is unlikely to kill, but to confuse the picture of the disease can very easily. In this case, chancre appears a few weeks later and can be almost invisible.
Define the localization of the chancre. The proximity to the genitals evidence of sexual intercourse. The chancre forms at the site of primary introduction into the body of the pale spirochete.
Do not hesitate and do not self-medicate! Approximately 45 days after the formation of the primary chancre appears purulent rash all over the body, affecting the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes, internal organs. In the second phase of development of syphilis patients may lose hair. Affects the bones, joints, muscles, nervous system, heart and blood vessels.
Contact your doctor immediately as soon as a chancre (even if it is only your suspicion), without waiting for his healing. Without treatment you will not recover. The doctor will study the tissue fluid of chancre, by means of its puncture and diagnosis. Or diagnosis will establish the result of the blood test. Timely started therapy to prevent possible complications, dangerous to life.