Sick leave will have to give your doctor an obstetrician-gynecologist in the antenatal clinic in which you are registered. He must give you a certificate for incapacity for work for the period of 30 obstetric weeks, and the period of sick leave shall be 140 days. A multiple pregnancy can take sick leave as early as 28 weeks for 194 days.
If you don't want to go on maternity leave so early, you may refuse issuing a certificate. In this case you will be given at the first requirement before delivery.
If the birth occurred before 30 weeks of pregnancy, sick leave and maternity leave you will issue in the hospital where you gave birth. The period of such sick leave will be 156 days.
If during childbirth there are any complications, then upon discharge you will be given extra sick leave for a period of 16 days.
Once you get your hands on your sick list, be sure to check the correctness of filling. Please note that from 22 July 2011 sick leaves issued on new forms to be filled in block letters. The ink color should be purple, blue or black, with a ballpoint pen such forms cannot be filled out. On sick list put two triangular print in the right upper and lower corners and one rectangular – in the upper left, specify the name of the medical institution. The last stamp may not be, then the information about the clinic fit into the form by hand. Don't forget to check whether the entered your details and data about the organization in which sick leave have to provide.
Take sick leave to the personnel Department or the accounting Department of the organization in which you work. We will need to write the application on granting sick leave. Within 10 days you will have to calculate the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth.