Advice 1: How to leave a puppy home one

Little puppy is not only a fluffy ball of joy and happiness, but also many large and small challenges that will face all new owners. One such challenge is to teach a puppy to stay home alone.
How to leave a puppy home one
Dogs are pack animals, they can hardly stand the loneliness. And the little puppy does not understand - how can you be alone, because he is born with used to be in the company of mom, brothers and sisters.
To accustom the baby to being alone gradually. For a start leave it alone for 15 minutes. If going to the door, you hear screeching and crying, come into the apartment, praise the baby, you can even treat him to something delicious.
You can then leave the puppy for a longer period. Each time you return praise your kid, let him know that you will come and your appointment will give him a lot of fun.
If, however, the slightest attempt to go over the threshold, your puppy filled with tears, you can try to accustom him to being alone in the following way: before leaving, feed the baby. Generally, small puppies are sleeping after a meal, so a hearty meal will make the separation easier.
Before leaving, offer your pet a favorite toy. Busy playing your puppy will take the separation much easier.
Gradually increase the time you leave the kid alone. The correct behavior rapidly praise your pet.
If no methods do not help and the dog days voice alone, you should consider the option of purchasing a second pet - it is possible that with the advent of the home a second dog or cat, your puppy will forever cease to fear loneliness and enthusiastically will do games with a new friend!
Useful advice
If every caring your puppy starts crying, you should not pay attention to it. Don't stand outside the door in the hope that the puppy to calm down - dogs have excellent hearing, well-pet hears you and will cry even more. If you are returning after some time, your puppy says, you should go to the apartment and not to pay attention to the puppy. As soon as he is calm, praise the baby.

Advice 2 : How to teach your dog to stay alone at home

Dogs are gregarious creatures. They constantly feel the need to communicate with other dogs, it gives them the opportunity to develop and obtain the necessary life skills. If the animal lives among the people, the constant presence of someone from them becomes compulsory for her. Because loneliness is a state unnatural for dogs. But sooner or later you have to leave your pet at home.
How to teach your dog to stay alone at home
You will need
  • toys for dogs
For your dog's loneliness – the real reason for the stress. It is therefore necessary from a very early age to teach puppy to stay alone in the room. Start simple: try to leave the room for a while and leave the dog alone. You need to ensure that during your absence, the puppy whined and howled. If the room is quiet, praise the puppy and give him a reward. Your absence should gradually increase. If the animal developed a persistent reflex, which he will be praised, when you come back, it won't be much to worry from-for absence of the host and will look forward to his return.
A common mistake of many is, the behavior of the following type: you return home, caught the devastation on the dog, and begin to scold her. The fact that puppies and even adult animals gnaw clothes, shoes and furniture exclusively in order to cope with stress. Indeed, while the master, the dog is very sad and lonely. When, returning, love the owner starts to scold the dog, she falls into a vicious circle: on the one hand, afraid to remain one, on the other – afraid of future punishment. It is best for some time to come to terms with the losses in the form of chewed-up shoes or furniture and do not scold the puppy. Practice the following behavior: when leaving, say goodbye to your dog is cold, and on his return be sure to praise it, ironed and strongly encourage.
Be sure to buy puppy toys, which he will be engaged in during your absence. This should be something that can be long and with impunity to chew or any special puzzles. Yes, there are. Now, there are special toys for dogs made of durable material that is impossible to crack. Inside is placed a tasty treat, and the dog must figure out how to extract it from there. These are the smartest animals are very fond of logic puzzles and if you leave your baby anything like that, it is boring just will not.
Dogs need love, affection and companionship. If you are rarely home or are always traveling, think about whether or not to get a dog? Maybe look after a pet that is less demanding of human attention and care?
Useful advice
Do not blame the puppy if in your absence he's smashed flat to the bottom, turned everything upside down and chewed on an ancient piano. Remember that the baby just learns to master the external world, playing and exploring all around. Be indulgent and try to better cover little guy, so it does not spoil valuable items.
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