When training Spitz will have to show considerable firmness, and perseverance to show who's the boss. You must also try to show the methodicalness of their actions, so well youto train a Japanese Spitz. And just then this little dog will obey the owner and perform tricks.
имена для щенка шпица на букву б
Teach a Pomeranian to take the correct exhibition stand. To do this 4-5 weeks regularly put the dog on the table. First, lower the front legs of the pet, then parallel them back. Ensure that Spitz did not let down the tail and not his ears.
Как выглядит шпиц
During the exhibition the Spitz should be able to show teeth. The main task of the master is to teach the pet not to commit aggression against a member of the jury. For this regularly is exercise. Place one hand on the upper jaw, with two fingers exposing the incisors. Do the same with the other hand. Spitz at the same time, tightly closed their teeth, should not growl.
Сколько стоит померанский шпиц
The movement of the dog during the exhibition of the ring. Spitz should be easy to run close to the owner. His movements with calm, beautiful. Pet should not push ahead, pull the leash. Depending on the varieties of Spitz, the owner must choose the optimum gait for themselves.
размер щенков шпица в одном помете
Any activity with the dog, try to complete when the team performed most successfully. Praise him, give a favorite treat and take a walk.
как воспитать щенка шпица
Teach a Pomeranian to perform basic commands: "Down!", "Place!" "Sit!", "Next!". Training in this standard. For example, to teach the command "Down!", must be carefully, slowly drag the dog's paws to herself so she took the reclining position.
You can even train an unruly dog, just need to find the animal approach. For example, the dog likes to chase cats, let it be "hot". Ignore all regulations will be "cold". If you apply the interest to the "hot" promote "cold", soon you will notice positive results.