In Asia and the southern United States liquid tights are very popular. Invisible stockings can be ordered in groups of joint procurement or on the websites of the SP. The organizers offer the products from Japan and South Korea, the US and the UK.
Offered women liquid stockings Japanese Yoshimi Hamad. Stockings - compulsory part of the office dress code of this country. The nylon is uncomfortable at high temperatures, so the "invisible pantyhose" quickly became popular.

In on-line stores liquid tights you can buy on the manufacturers ' websites (for example, Easy Silk) and in shops of professional cosmetics (such as Cosmoprofi or K-Cosmetics). Retailers, who have representation on the Internet - L'etoile - also offer virtual stockings.

Buy liquid tights: online or off line

The first time it is better to buy liquid tights in a regular store or choose from a catalog of well-known manufacturer (for example, "Virtual stockings" from AVON).
So you can choose the right tone of invisible tights. Usually consultants companies give samples, and testers can be found on the shelves with the products.

Once the right tone is invisible stocking is picked up, you can order them via the Internet.
The worldwide web is liquid tights you can buy on the manufacturer's website, in the online shops of professional cosmetics or shopping sites like ebay and aliexpress.
Online liquid tights called "Spray On" or "Airbrush Legs". International shopping sites (ebay, aliexpress or taobao), they need to look at those queries.

Liquid tights: popular brands

Choice invisible stocking in off line stores and the Russian-speaking Internet. The major manufacturers – American brands Easy Silk and Sally Hansen sell liquid tights on their own sites.
Liquid tights popular in Russia of Venus brand you can buy in the network "L'etoile". AVON sells "Virtual stockings" through their representatives.
Brands Joan Rivers Beauty or Dermablend can be without hassle be purchased in American or European online stores. Liquid tights these brands in Russia very difficult to find.

Liquid tights and tan: what's the difference?

Some ladies recommend to use a regular bronzer instead of liquid tights. These two products are completely different, and one does not replace the other.
The composition of the liquid pantyhose – wax, which fills in uneven skin oils that create the effect of nylon (add sparkle to the feet) and pigments – they are, depending on the saturation of the color the skin in natural shades.
This composition not just give a touch to the skin of the feet, but hair filling hole and invisible cracks, the skin of the feet. So the effect of the stocking.