If Windows is installed on drive C, the path to desktop is: C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\desktop. In this example, the user name is Admin, you it might be different.
To move the desktop to another disk, use Windows Explorer. Click "start", then open "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Windows Explorer". Next, open in Explorer: C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\ and select the folder "desktop". In the menu, select "edit" - "move to folder..." and select the location where you want to move desktop – for example, just select drive D. the Folder will be moved. After this you must restart your computer.
Please note that to move the Desk can only via Windows Explorer and nothing else. Do not move the folder "desktop" by simply dragging the mouse or using various file managers. When you move a desktop through Windows Explorer, the operating system remembers the new location, so in the future you will not have any difficulties.
There is a possibility to move the Desk by editing the system registry, but this option is much more complicated, so using it makes no sense, much easier to use Windows Explorer.
In addition to the desktop to another disk, it is useful to keep a folder "My documents". In this case, you will be able to save the files in it without fear of collapse Windows as your data and the operating system will reside on different disks. To move this folder, click start, right-click the mouse in the menu the string "My documents". In the opened context menu select "Properties".
Opens the properties window, in it click "Move". In the new window, select the desired disk and create a folder "My documents". Click OK, you will be prompted to move the files. Agree by clicking "Yes" will begin the file transfer. After its completion restart the computer. Note that when you transfer files all applications should be closed.