Preparation for work

In modern traffic the DVR is very useful. A video recording of an accident can save not only money, but freedom. The safety video depends on the correct operation of the device.

Buying a Registrar, take the time to install it in the car. Start with reading the instructions. Examine the functionality and purpose of key management. Stress will make it much harder. It can also protect you from accidental file deletion due to wrong button pressed.

Be sure to check the operation of the device. Record a few test clips and save them to the memory card. If there are problems, better to identify them at home in a relaxed atmosphere.

Buy a memory card the maximum possible capacity. From the amount of available memory depends on the recording duration. Make sure that your device is able to work with such amount of memory. Format the card and test it by recording a video for it.

The recorders can record video in two modes. In the first case they stop recording when the space on the memory card ends. In the second case, the record is in the ring, while previously recorded video is erased.

In order not to lose the video recording of the traffic incident, make sure you copy the video recorder to the computer. It may be useful for you when dealing with traffic police or for trial.

How to copy the video recorder on computer

The easiest way is to use the USB cord that should go in the kit with the appliance. Connect it to the computer port and copy the desired file by dragging it with the mouse from the folder logger in the desired folder on the computer.

If the cable at hand was not, you can use a card reader. This device is designed to read information from memory cards.

Remove the card from the recorder and insert into the appropriate connector on the card reader. Connect it to the computer. When he determines a map, go to it and copy the required files to your PC.

If you got a laptop, it can greatly simplify matters. First, it will allow you to view the video is not on the small screen of the recorder, and a monitor. This can simplify the communication with the traffic police and other road traffic accidents.

Second, you can increase the chances of saving the video. This is especially important if the police decide to confiscate the memory card with the recording of events and to attach to the Protocol. Even if the video is lost, you will retain a copy.

Thirdly, many models of laptops are equipped with built-in card readers. This will allow you to copy the video with no cable.