When you select drives on the bus you must define the width of the wheel rim. For those who don't know how to do it, I want to add that rim width should be smaller than the width of the tire in the profile by 25%.
Here is an example. You need rims under the tire with the dimension 195/65 R 15, i.e. the width of the tyre profile is 195 mm. Should this width 195 mm divided by 25.4, and then to take away from the value of 25%.
Can get a too big number, it should be rounded to nearest standard value. In the end we get 6 inches (195mm = 7.68 inch). Thus, our goal is the determination of the rim - done.
The rim in 6-inch needed for these sizes.As it turned out, to pick up the rims for the tires will not be easy even ignorant person, for example, ladies who usually have little understanding of automotive spare parts.
Remember, in addition to the correct choice need proper installation, which will also depend on your safety. For this, we recommend to contact a good service center of your manufacturer, or one that has established itself on the market of automotive service.
In addition, we will advise motorists to choose the tires and rims of famous brands and manufacturers that guarantee their products, and thus guarantee your safety on the road. Try to choose for your car rims and tires in standard sizes provided by the vehicle manufacturer specifically for your brand of machine.