To find the Internet for similar images, you can use the service from Google offering search for photos. It matches the color and contrast of images, making possible the selection of the desired images.
For the selection of similar photos upload in the search for images the right image or its url and click "inspect". To make selection more accurate, remove the search image which do not suit you. Do this by pressing the right mouse button on the photo and selecting the appropriate item in the list. Remove from matched images of overlapping images, until you reach the desired result.
Find similar images is also possible with the help of service image search from Yandex. Type in the search bar your desired theme and search. Refine search settings. So, you can choose the size of the images (large, medium or small), or you can specify the exact number of pixels. Yandex also has the ability to set the orientation of the image and other parameters. But what is most important when searching for similar photos, the search engine can pick up images in color.
When the desired images are found, you can save them to your computer and use it in accordance with your needs.
Thanks to the computer selection, you will also be able to find similar images, by uploading not only whole, but also part of it.