To find its counterpart online, select your photo with the image in front. It is desirable to have a solid colour, and her eyes looked straight and were on the same level. The better the image will correspond to these parameters, the more accurate the search.
Visit the website and register, upload the selected photo and mark the points of the centers of the pupils. You will then be able to search. The website will give you free without free three photos of your twins from the number of celebrities.
Also go to the website and in the section "celebrities and entertainment" and click on "celebrity collage". Upload your photo and find as many as ten of its counterparts from a database of more than 3000 Hollywood stars, athletes, politicians.
If you are registered in the popular social networks, find the application that allows you to pick up their twins in the photo. Log in and download the appropriate image. These applications work in much the same way as the above sites. For example, in social network Vkontakte you can use the game "Twins who look like you".
Find similar the person online games it is possible to try not only among celebrities but among all the people whose photos have been indexed by the search engine. To find your DoppelgangeR for free, go to the search page on the picture of Yandex or Google, upload your picture. The system can generate a huge number of images similar ha you people. To make the search more precise, remove from the results, right-click the excess and repeat the search query.
If you found on the Internet and other services that help to find his diary at the photos online, pay attention to the reviews of people about their use. Do not register on suspicious sites, don't send SMS. Such resources often do not give a real result, as it is in most cases only for illegally earning money. To find his twin on the photo on the Internet, all for free.