Use the resource which is the official website MyHeritage mobile app that allows you to find double photo free. Sign up on the website or go directly to the link at the bottom of the page that allows you to download the app on the phone depending on your mobile platform. Search double is among a rather large list of celebrities.
Look for suitable apps on social networks. For example, "Vkontakte" has "Twins who look like you?", performing the search double at the photo in much the same way as in MyHeritage. With the help of search engines you will find several similar mini-games in various social networks.
Apply a special service that performs a search for similar images. For example, to find a twin photo for free on the website Just upload your photo from your computer by using the special field and push it through the search. After some time, the service will give results with images and photos similar to you.
Try to find a suitable resource or app to search for doubles for keywords using any of the Internet search engines. Similar apps and games come out quite often, so you can smile good luck. Avoid sites scams offering to find search results like people only after sending SMS-messages to short number. Usually, these services only withdraw money from mobile accounts, but not help to look for doubles on the photo.