You will need
  • - search engine;
  • sites or
Of course, if you score in the search engine "Bob is fishing", you are unlikely to find the desired image. But if you are looking for a photo of any celebrity, search by description pictures can help you. You run a search on "George Clooney at the Oscar ceremony" and you will get the desired pictures. But if you can specify the year when the ceremony took place, your search will be even faster.
Go to the directory the images and look there. For example, Microsoft Office is the base, which contains thousands of photos and pictures. Enter in the search what you want to find and the system will show you available options.
If you have a small copy of the photo or cut the part, you can find the full version of the picture in the Internet. Use the sites or To find the image using these servers, download the sample image on the site using the "Upload" button or enter the web address of any source. Then click on search.
Despite the similarity of the two sites that between them there are significant differences. The website basically offers a duplicate of your image. This server is better to use in those cases, if you are looking for a larger photo. And the site most will find the full version of the photos, if you have only part of the image.
Both sites are developing plug-ins for browsers. If you install one of them, you will not need to go to the website of the programs in the photo search. It is enough to click on any of the pictures right click and choose from the list of commands "Search image".