You will need
  • -access to the Internet;
  • photo.
Try to use different search options. Visit well-known web site "Wait for me" on the link or send an email to the specified address, which specify the information about the interested person, for example, under what circumstances was found, the specific date and place of meeting.
And, of course, attach a photo of someone you want to find. TV watching a lot of people not only in Russia but also in other countries. So you have a chance to succeed.
Use another method to find the desired person on photos in the network. Sign up in the social network. Most popular in Russia, is the site "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "My world". Log in and sign in to your account. Fill in your details and upload an avatar.
Write a story in which a more detailed description of your friendship or acquaintance with a missing person. In the story do the emotional emphasis. Upload your scanned photos to the text.
Send the composed message to your friends and ask them to spread this story in the Internet. Many users will not leave your efforts ignored. Perhaps there are people who personally know or have seen somewhere the person in the attached photos.
Upload photos to your computer and search similar images from Google. Maybe you find this picture on any website.
Go to city forum. Write to help and share the photo. Maybe in a couple of hours you will be informed about the location of a wanted person.
Try to look on the website Here you need to upload the image and click "Search". You can visit the web resource Sign up and write your message in which you describe your request about the search. Attach photos and leave your contact details.