Classification of birth control pills

A huge number of contraceptives can be divided into two groups: mini-pill and combined oral contraceptives. The main difference between them lies in their composition.

Combined oral contraceptives contain ethinylestradiol and a progestogen. The number of these hormones in the pills they are divided into subgroups: single-phase, two-phase and three-phase.

Monophasic contraceptives contain a dose of hormones, which are always and at all tablets unchanged. Biphasic contraceptive pills in the package contain two types of tablets with different doses of hormones, three - phase, three types of tablets. The composition of the mini-pill includes only progestin.

In addition, combination hormonal drugs are divided into micro-dose, low-dose and high-dose, highly. Given this classification, we can understand that to choose the right form of tablets can only be a specialist.

How to choose a birth control pill

In order to choose the best birth control pills, women are required to perform the following procedures:
- consult an expert gynecologist and an endocrinologist;
- an ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs;
to take a blood test for hormones secreted by the ovaries;
- if there are any diseases (diabetes, vascular disorders or hypertension) it is necessary to consult specialists.

The range of birth control pills

After passing all necessary tests, the doctor will begin to find suitable contraception.

Often the young women who have not had childbirth, hormonal pills are suitable pertaining to micro-dose the group, "Lcdinit", "Novinet" or "Mercilon". These kinds of pills carry to monophasic contraceptives, with little to no side effects.

If the result of the analysis of the micro-dose pills do not prevent ovulation, it is recommended low-dose drugs: "Silest", "yasmin", "Three – mersi", "Regulon" or "Microgynon". These drugs are also suitable for young nulliparous women.

If a woman is taking any drugs for the treatment of disease and on this background, the effect of the pill wanes, prescribed high-dose, highly pills "Trikvilar", "Three-regolith" or "Triziston".

Lactating women and women over 45 years, having any gynecological diseases, excellent mini-pill.