Properties of distilled water

Call this distilled water, in which almost no impurities. In nature it is found in the form of dew, melting snow. Such water can be obtained in industrial scale. This manufacturers carry out the distillation process. At a certain temperature the water evaporates, and then condenseries on the cooling surface. In this case, all the impurities and salts remain in the original container. The process of industrial distillation complex. It may be held only in the presence of expensive equipment.

Where to buy

Distilled water is used in various fields of modern life. It is used the operation of vehicles, repair of household appliances, as well as for food purposes. Most often this product is useful as a solvent. Distilled water has found wide application in medicine.
The distillate must be used in those cases when you want to avoid any chemical reactions between the salts present in normal water and some other substance.

The distillate can be bought at the auto parts store, auto repair, service appliances. But in such places, as a rule, sold a technical product. From drinking water to industrial production and it is different kind of packing. In the process of production of drinking water, use only food packaging materials from various polymers.

Drinking the distillate can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. Modern manufacturers produce such water in bottles and cans of different volumes.
Drinking distilled water is often used for dissolved tablets and drug powders.

Residents of large cities can enjoy water at home. Currently on the Internet you can find information about the provision of such services. Generally, companies offer free shipping, if the buyer orders a certain quantity of goods.

Can I drink distilled water

Distilled water is not intended for constant use as a beverage. Ordinary water is rich in salts and other mineral compounds that are required by the human body.

Long-term consumption of distilled water can lead to brittle bones, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems with blood vessels. Especially not recommended to drink water like children. To build bone, they just need minerals and natural salts contained in ordinary water.

For drinking purposes should be to acquire purified water but not distilled. It is also useful to drink water from natural sources.