Motorists use the distillate-insulator for topping battery banks. Housewife, taking care of household equipment, poured in steam irons only purified salts from the water. Only using distilled water for injection can be made from many medications available for administration of intravenous or intramuscular solutions. An increasing number of people independently distill water for drinking, not content with ordinary household filters.
Doctors warn that drinking distilled water leads to a lack in the body of many necessary salts and minerals.

A method of producing distilled water using heat

When boiling water in the atmosphere rises vapor — water in a gaseous state, devoid of salts and other impurities remaining in the vessel for boiling. In the absence of fresh water will save the position of the sea water subjected to the distillation process. The problem of obtaining distilled water is solved by cooling the water vapor and the deposition of moisture in different capacity in different ways.

Over spout of boiling over moderate heat the kettle, filled with water up to the holes (less than half), set glass jar. Getting to her steam cooled, condenseries on the walls and drip down. Under the glass is sufficient to establish an enamel (aluminum, ceramic, glass or stainless steel) bowl or pan. The absorbed liquid will be the distillate.
Cannot be used to produce distilled water metal galvanized containers, aluminum cookware is better to replace enamel.

Another equally simple way, known from times of old and is based on the "grandfather's" method of distillation of moonshine. Is the process "a Cup" and is to place a small bowl on the bottom of a large pan, tightly covered with a basin of cold water and standing in fire. The water in the large pan boils, the steam rises, condenseries at the bottom of the basin and flows down into the bowl. The diameter of the bowl for collecting condensate should be larger than the diameter of the bottom of the basin.

A method of producing distilled water with the cold

The freezing of harmful impurities and unnecessary salts is a very popular method used by many supporters of a healthy lifestyle. To obtain the necessary result perfect any household refrigerator.

Defend or boiled tap water or spring water placed in the freezer refrigerator. After a while, after the first ice, a container of water is removed from the freezer. The unfrozen fraction is poured into another container, the ice is ejected. When again placed in the cold water freezes half (to two thirds of the volume), it becomes unnecessary remaining liquid part. Formed after the melting of the ice will turn into a product very similar properties to distilled water.

In case you are in the winter far from the facilities of civilization such as roads, factories, boiler room and other pollutants of the environment — note the snow. White pure snow melting will turn into water, no salts the distilled approaching. But rainwater this level of purity has not.