You will need
  • Water normal;
  • device for water heating (immersion heater, gas stove, etc.);
  • two clean vessel;
  • an aluminum pan;
  • funnel;
  • hose and 2 metres.
Pour the water from the tap into a clean vessel and covering it with a lid, give settles during the day.
Neatly on the bottom of the jar, lower the one end of the hose and drain approximately 1/3 of the water. This part fused with the bottom of the vessel that contains the heavy impurities.
The water from the jar, pour in pan, cover and put to boil.
Once the water boils, flip the lid, remove the formed water by using funnel and pour it in a bottle.
Then again cover the pan. After about 1 minute pour the next batch of distilled water. This is repeated until then, until they have accumulated the desired amount of distilled water.