A little donation

No doubt, donating blood, you are doing a noble deed, but if you clearly understand what is required of you? It is no secret that before taking blood from a donor taking certain tests and with the slightest lack of conformity, the donor is sent home. Why is this being done? The fact is that even if you feel great in the blood may be high or low blood sugar, hemoglobin or erythrocytes that patients who your blood will be transfused, is quite undesirable. Sometimes it happens that the performance of the blood donor can cull, but the cause will be in concern about his health – indeed, under some conditions the loss of blood could become critical and cause the donor's health irreparable harm.

Large blood loss

During menstruation a woman's body loses blood, respectively, hemoglobin. You can feel, but even so, the blood loss will give a decrease level of hemoglobin and, consequently, deterioration of the General indicators of blood composition. If you add to this the dose given at the point of reception of blood, the hemoglobin will drop even lower, which will lead to a deterioration of health, weakness and other undesirable consequences. By the way, it is important to remember that a strong decrease of hemoglobin may cause increased menstrual bleeding.

Moreover, you should not even think of going to the point of blood donation to those girls who are menstruating and without that feeling or this condition is accompanied by pain and spasms. Doctors recommend to wait until the critical days to go to donate blood no earlier than 5 days after that. During this period, the hemoglobin level in the female body returns to normal and the additional blood loss will not have such a catastrophic effect.

Menstruation and analyses

Now about donating blood for more prosaic purposes – for tests. General blood analysis and biochemical tests during menstruation can pass, but can be a bit unreliable. So, for example, in the biochemical analysis of the level of coagulation will be much lower than usual. Therefore, if the case is not urgent and you can wait 1-2 weeks, it is better not to hurry. If you are preparing for surgery or the doctor insists on immediate diagnosis, be sure to tell him that you have menstruation, so it can take this into account when analysing the results.