Advice 1: How often a donor can donate blood, plasma

Giving blood or its components is a socially responsible task because in this way people save lives of other people. However, you need to understand that this is a serious stress to the body, so you can visit the point of drawing blood only a few times a year.
How often a donor can donate blood, plasma
Procedures for donating blood and one of its most important components - plasma, differ in terms of the process of extraction and influence on the human body. However, for both procedures there are certain restrictions on the frequency of donating material.

Blood donation

One submission from a donor is usually removed about 450 milliliters of blood. This is quite a serious blow for the body, so the donor needs time to recover the lost blood cells. In addition, note that the speed of this recovery will be different for different people.

So, the current restrictions on the number crocodoc during the year differ for men and women. Men are allowed to donate whole blood up to 5 times a year, women - 4 times a year. In addition to the compliance with the total number of visits of points of blood sampling are commonly regulated and the intervals between subsequent krovotechenie.

So, after another blood experts recommend the next time you visit the doctor for delivery not earlier than 60 days. Thus once the donor has carried out five crocodoc in a row, it is advisable to make a longer break, lasting 3-4 months. This will not only restore the normal state of the circulatory system of the body, but also to provide high enough quality characteristics of the donor material.

Delivery of plasma

The procedure of putting the plasma somewhat more difficult in comparison with blood, so it usually takes more time. So, if the process of drawing blood usually takes about 10-15 minutes, the fence of the plasma will require about 40 minutes.

This is because in the process of fence plasma in the donor after removal of portions of the whole blood, it is separated from the plasma, and the remaining components with the help of special equipment is returned to the donor organism. This causes less negative impact on it due to the fact that the workload associated with the subsequent recovery, will be somewhat lower.

Accordingly, the allowable frequency of delivery of plasma to the donor will be higher in comparison with the procedure of passing the whole blood. So, to donating plasma without harm to the body can be 6 to 12 times a year. After each donation, you must provide a break of sufficient duration that provide complete recovery of the body. Experts believe that the duration of such break shall be not less than 30 days.

Advice 2 : Than blood is different from putting plasma

The donation is an important step socially responsible person who is able to save the life of another. At the same time, becoming a donor, you can donate not only blood, but also one of its components - plasma.
Than blood is different from putting plasma
Become a donor can any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached 18 years of age and has no contraindications for health reasons.


One of the most common types of blood donation in Russia is blood donation. This type of donor material is used mainly during blood transfusions to survivors of extensive blood loss.

Before to carry out blood donation, the donor will need to go through a few simple diagnostic procedures to confirm the lack of diseases or conditions that are contraindications to blood donation. In addition, some time will take to fill out the necessary documentation. As a result, the total time of stay of the donor at the station of blood transfusion at delivery can be from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Thus, the procedure of blood sampling is relatively simple and short. It takes a total of about 10-15 minutes. For blood sampling, the doctor performs the puncture of a vein located in your arm, and through holes with a special tool produces blood. On average, one donor at a time can take about 450 ml of blood.

In regard to the frequency of donating blood, there are also some limitations, because the body needs time to recover from this, albeit not very significant, but still blood loss. Usually donate blood is recommended not more often 3-5 times a year, and the interval between donations should be at least 3 months.

Delivery of plasma

Another type of donation, which is also spoken in Russia, is the delivery component of blood plasma. It is used in the treatment process of people with various injuries and burns, and also in the manufacture of various medicines. The procedure of putting the plasma, called plasmapheresis, is somewhat more complicated compared to taking blood in the process from the patient's vein gets blood, she is subjected to separation of plasma, and then the remaining components with the help of special equipment are returned to the blood donor. As a result the overall duration of the procedure up to 40 minutes.

Since this procedure from the human body are removed not all the components contained in blood donation, and only part of them, it is considered less traumatic to the body of the donor. Therefore, to carry out the procedure of plasmapheresis it is possible more often than donating blood can visit the blood transfusion station with this, you can up to 12 times per year. However, the interval between these visits should be at least 2 weeks.
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