Data obtained as a result of the General analysis of blood will help doctors in different specialities: the therapist, the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist, the cardiologist. With their help, you can make the correct diagnosis and choose the treatment method. It is widely believed that such analyses need to take on an empty stomach. But is it?

Is it possible that something before the General analysis of blood

Ideally, this analysis, like the KLA, do you need to take on an empty stomach. Many doctors argue that the last meal should be at least 8 hours before blood sampling. And some sources say that this period of time shall be not less than 12 hours. Also desirable prior to analysis drinking tea or coffee. It is necessary to quench the thirst for ordinary water, which will not affect the result of the analysis.

But why are there such strict requirements? The fact that the food taken into the body shortly before blood sampling, can significantly distort the results of the analysis. For example, increased concentration of white blood cells – leukocytes, and on the basis of these indicators, the doctor will be able to draw an incorrect conclusion about the state of health of the person. Therefore, many doctors require you to pass a General analysis of blood with an empty stomach. They say, okay, once you can starve, but the data is accurate.

Foods that can be eaten before taking blood

However, there are many people who for health reasons is contraindicated for too long between meals. For example, if we are talking about patients with diseases of the pancreas or endocrine system, is very important for them to eat little but often. Therefore, in these cases it is possible to make an exception and still eat prior to blood sampling. But the food should be "easy". For example, you can eat a small portion of porridge (preferably cooked with water, without butter and sugar). Or a cheese sandwich without butter, or a handful of crackers, or 1-2 slices of bread, toasted in the toaster. Fit and fresh vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers. You can also drink weak tea (preferably without sugar).

Meat and fish as well as meats, pickles is not. You should also refrain from canned foods, any sweets.

If you can't wait, drink in the morning a glass of water, please bring your own sandwich or fruit to immediately after the blood test is something to eat.