Living man dreaming dead

It is believed that if you see your still alive man dead, you can even congratulate them: he will live a very long time.

However, there are situations where such a dream can be interpreted literally. This applies to those cases when the dream man is really sick and his life is under threat. A similar interpretation can be applied to the elderly. There are several cases when relatives see the funeral in a few months, and the dream man is still alive and healthy.

Another interpretation of this dream: if you dream of someone you live man dead, then soon you will realize his essence, and he will completely lose its credibility in your eyes. For example, you dream of your dead chief, who in real life you mean. Like a dream you can interpret as your hostile attitude towards that person, you fight with your feelings, but forced to hold back. You should try not to go in open confrontation and exercise restraint in relation to that person, otherwise you may have big problems.

Generally, to dream of dead people alive – to the changes in life. If you see complete strangers, it will change the weather. If it is your beloved or relative, then wait for a change in family or personal life, a colleague at work.

You see in a dream that your friend is dying

If in the dream your eyes are a dying man, who in real life is very much alive, young and healthy, then get ready for trouble. Most likely, you will quarrel and separation. This dream may warn that you have seen, a person is not sincere towards you.

To see a living person in a coffin

This dream can mean unexpected news, possible material gain and drastic changes in the current situation.