Advice 1: How to fillet catfish

Com – strange fish which has a pretty awesome view. The body of this fish can be up to five meters, and weighs three hundred pounds, most surprising, a huge head with a long mustache. In the food recommended to eat meat of young animals, weighing up to twenty kilograms, because the meat of larger soms has an unpleasant taste and smell Tina. Have to soma thanks to the simple rules and make it a wonderful dish for the holiday dinner.
How to fillet catfish
You will need
  • - Sharp knife.
The main advantage of this fish lack scales and bones between muscles. It needs only a little scrape with a knife to get rid of mucus and slime.
Have soma thick enough skin, if desired, can be removed by cutting the fish. To do this, incise the skin around the head of the catfish and lowering the fingers in salt or hand towel for the fish to slip your fingers, remove the skin stocking to the tail.
Then take a sharp knife and separate the head in the place where there are the pectoral fins.
Then vsporite belly to the anus and carefully remove the insides. It is important to ensure that was not damaged gallbladder, which is a transparent bag with a bright yellow-green liquid, located at the base of the liver. Otherwise, such a delicacy, as the liver of the catfish will be bitterness, and it will be impossible to eat.
Thoroughly rinse the fish and get rid of the films formed on the inner walls of the belly. Make cuts on both sides along the fins and remove them with your fingers or pliers. It remains only to cut the fish into pieces and cook the desired dish.
It is possible to separate the fillet from the ridge, to do this take a sharp knife and cut carefully, starting from the head to the tail along the spine on either side. Remove the fillet.
Cut fish should be thoroughly washed under running water, being careful not to bend and not wrinkle, as it may lose a significant portion of tissue juice and after cooking it will be dry and tasteless.
Useful advice
The spine and head will be used for the preparation of aromatic and nourishing soup, do not forget to remove the gills. The smell of slime on the meat of large soms can be removed, it is enough to water the fish dry white wine or lemon juice and after 20 minutes rinse. You can remove the smell of Tina, if you soak the meat in milk catfish.

Advice 2 : How to cook catfish fillet

Catfish - the largest freshwater fish, it has long been highly valued in Russian cuisine for his fat, juicy meat. Catfish live in muddy waters, it is necessary to consider when preparing a fresh fish and prepare the fillets, removing the unpleasant smell.
How to cook catfish fillet
You will need
    • For catfish fillet with rice:
    • 1 kg fillet of catfish;
    • 100 g of butter;
    • 120 g white wine;
    • 50 g carrots;
    • 60 g of celery;
    • 50 g onion;
    • 80 g of the chopped greenery of parsley and dill;
    • 200 g of rice;
    • 1 tsp flour;
    • 3 g freshly grated nutmeg;
    • 4 g of ground black pepper.
    • For catfish fillet in batter:
    • 400 g catfish fillet;
    • 100 g flour;
    • 1 egg;
    • 75 ml of light beer;
    • 20 ml vegetable oil;
    • dill and parsley
    • lemon (for decoration);
    • salt.
    • For catfish fillet in a pot:
    • 600 g fillets of catfish;
    • 2 potatoes;
    • 2 bulbs;
    • 1 pickled cucumber;
    • 50 g butter;
    • 4 tablespoons red fortified wine;
    • 6 tbsp of tomato juice;
    • ground black pepper
    • salt.
Fillet catfish with ricamarie fillet into serving pieces. To remove the smell of slime, wash them in strong cold brine, then rinse. You can RUB the pieces with lemon juice. Wash and peel the carrots, celery and onions, cut them in slices. Place the sliced vegetables into the casserole, add half the butter, lay the slices of fillet, pour wine.
Preheat the oven to 200oC, place a saucepan and simmer until tender. If necessary, add in a saucepan with a little water. Remove the finished fish from the oven.
In a frying pan heat 25 g butter, add flour, stir, then put the nutmeg, pepper and some juice from the casserole in which the dish is served fish. Cook for about five minutes, then add the remaining butter, stir and strain through a sieve.
Boil the rice, put it on a dish, top lay slices of fillet, pour sauce, sprinkle with dill and parsley.
Fillet catfish in kleenrite fillet into serving pieces. Sift the flour, pour in a deep bowl, put one to two tablespoons for obvalivanie pieces. Lower an egg into a bowl, stir, add salt and add the beer. Stir until smooth and the consistency of liquid sour cream.
Roll the pieces of fillet in flour, rascality in a frying pan with vegetable oil, dip the slices in the batter and lay into the pan. Cook on each side for three to four minutes. Serve with a garnish of green peas, garnish with herbs and slices of lemon.
Fillet catfish in horchateria fillet cubes with sides about two inches. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes of the same size. Dice onion and sauté in butter until Golden brown.
Take two for the pot for baking, divide the fried onions into two pieces, finely chop the pickled cucumber. Put into each pot layer the onion, then the slices of the fillet, again a layer of onions, a layer of cucumbers and layer of potatoes. Add salt, pepper, pour into each pot, two tablespoons red fortified wine and three tablespoons of tomato juice, close the lid and put it on half an hour in the oven, preheated to 200oC.
Remove the cover and leave the pots in the oven for another half an hour. Serve immediately on the table, sprinkle chopped greens.
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