You will need
  • - Sharp knife.
The main advantage of this fish lack scales and bones between muscles. It needs only a little scrape with a knife to get rid of mucus and slime.
Have soma thick enough skin, if desired, can be removed by cutting the fish. To do this, incise the skin around the head of the catfish and lowering the fingers in salt or hand towel for the fish to slip your fingers, remove the skin stocking to the tail.
Then take a sharp knife and separate the head in the place where there are the pectoral fins.
Then vsporite belly to the anus and carefully remove the insides. It is important to ensure that was not damaged gallbladder, which is a transparent bag with a bright yellow-green liquid, located at the base of the liver. Otherwise, such a delicacy, as the liver of the catfish will be bitterness, and it will be impossible to eat.
Thoroughly rinse the fish and get rid of the films formed on the inner walls of the belly. Make cuts on both sides along the fins and remove them with your fingers or pliers. It remains only to cut the fish into pieces and cook the desired dish.
It is possible to separate the fillet from the ridge, to do this take a sharp knife and cut carefully, starting from the head to the tail along the spine on either side. Remove the fillet.