Device door locks different how simple or complex. The lock can have a very thoughtful design. There are locks with protection from moisture, fire, severe shock. But most of the locks suvaldny or cylindrical design. Perhaps the easiest method is drilling out the locks. It is necessary to know only 2-3 points where to drill and then use a screwdriver to open the lock. Most castles are easily amenable to this procedure. If the lock mortise has a cross-shaped and cylinder mechanism, it is necessary to make a hole, to lift the stopper and the hook to move the bolt. If your door has a lock cylinder with pin tumbler mechanism, it is necessary to drill a hole in the cylinder and rotate it with wire.
Invoice lever lock is drilled where the strut to the tip of the bolt. Rack have to be drilled out, then hook through the keyhole to open the lock. But it happens under the condition that the lock is installed cheap cylinder. When you buy a door, note the protruding larva. If it is, then this door is easy to open. But if there is bronenakladki, the drilling process becomes more complicated. Here one needs a special carbide drill. It is very expensive. You would be cheaper to call the master.
If you care about the reliability of your door when you choose castle view his passport. Locks come in four safety classes. More resistant to cracking locks 3-4 class. Better install on your door two locks of different designs. Do not show the keys on the people, because an experienced attacker will not do the cast, it is enough to look at the key and he'll know how to open the door.