You will need
  • - competent lawyer;
  • - the documents confirming your right to property;
  • - the decision of the court;
  • - registration in the Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it.
Data on the owners of real estate are contained in the Unified state register of rights: there are recorded transactions for the sale and purchase of property, data is written on its new owners who have received property on the basis of gifts, inheritance or purchase.
Sue two lawsuits: the first for recognition of their rights of ownership to the property, and the second to invalidate previously concluded transactions or other grounds for registration of the property and return the property to the plaintiff ( i.e. you).
In addition, gather all the documents that somehow confirms your right to the apartment or other disputed material object. It may be a contract of sale, paid invoice when building a house, eyewitness accounts, etc. Give evidence to your rightyou special attention, since in the absence of documentary evidence in your favor, the court may refuse and leave everything unchanged.
The court went smoothly, not stingy and hire a good lawyer, he will help you to properly execute the claim, gather all the necessary documents and advise on other aspects of business.
If the court rules in your favor a positive decision, you will regain legal status and the owner actually becomes the owner of the property with all attendant rights of ownership, use and disposal.
For final completion, upon receipt of the decision of the court, go with him to the Registrar for re-registration of the property. Please note that the operative part of a judicial act must be the inscription "to recognize null and void the registered right of ownership of the defendant". Only with such a formulation, you have the right to summon property in his possession. On the basis of the court's decision rewrites the registry in the registry information about the owner of the property and issues a certificate of ownership.