The consequences of applying Postinora in some cases, be violations of the menstrual cycle. They can be expressed as the change in the duration of the cycle phases and the changing nature of the menstrual bleeding. Menstruation can begin within a few days after taking the drug, and can delay some time. In case of violation of the cycle time after Postinora restore it using combined oral contraceptives with the low maintenance of hormones. These medications not only restores hormonal balance in the body, but will have a direct contraceptive action.
After taking Postinor the nature of menstruation may change. They can be smudged and is long lasting, but can on the contrary – to be abundant, debilitating and lead to depletion of iron stores. In this case, you may develop iron deficiency anemia, which are prerequisites for further violations of the menstrual cycle. Start taking hemostatic drugs, dosage forms or in the form of decoctions and infusions. Take iron supplements, as there are tablet form and an injectable, to treat severe anemia.
In addition, violations of menstrual cycle after receiving a loading dose of levonorgestrel contained in Postinora, can worsen the overall weakened state of the organism. Especially hard in the spring, when the body is deficient of vitamins, and during outbreaks of infectious diseases. Start to watch your diet, try to eat well. The diet should contain adequate amount of proteins that will become building material for the normal formation of hormones. Dieting in this period exclude, animal fat is also a necessary component to maintain the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.