Select a suitable location to install the DVR. It is important that it is not closed you an overview. It is best to install it in such a way that the device was imperceptible from the outside. This will help to avoid malicious attempts to steal it, and avoid disputes with the inspectors, who are often asked to turn off the recording device. The best places to mount are the car DVR rearview mirror, the Central part of the windshield and lamp Central lighting of the interior. To attach the camera better on tape. In this case, it will hold in the cabin longer and will not change his position at sharp maneuvers of the machine.
Make sure the DVR has the proper review. He needs to see everything that happens on the road in front of the car. It is better to use a device with a wide viewing angle that the camera captured not only the hood. The ideal is 180 degrees. In this case, the camera will capture, for example, the employee of traffic police, who will approach the car from the side. It is also important that the camera captured the area of the ditch and road signs, in the event of an accident you had as much evidence in their favor.
Use the main features of the DVR for examination of events, one way or another affect your rights. To apply the device with the function of G-sensor. In this case, the recording will start immediately after the start of the path and automatically stop in case of a sudden stop or crash. Immediately after the occurrence of any event copy the entry from the DVR to the computer and external storage media. Please submit one copy of the recording of events to the inspector and to the court, leaving one of the copies. This will ensure its safety in case of loss or failure is one of the participants in the process of its consideration.