You will need
  • Side
  • Tester or continuity test
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct tape
To connect the rear camera view needed a radio with a built-in monitor on which the image will be transferred.
Rear camera view are: built-in lights illuminate the room, embedded in the bumper in the form of a spy-hole built into odnomernoi frame.
Install the camera at the selected location. From the camera should go 4 wires (included), one of the wires double. Two wires connect to the reversing lamp: to ground and 12V power.
Other cables route to the radio - it will transmit the picture from the camera. Stretching the wires through the interior from reviewing plastic door sill or on top around the edge of the ceiling. To do this, remove the door rubber seals, lay the wires and re-insert the seals in the door.
On the radio on the rear wall find an input for a camcorder. Connect one double wire.
So that when reverse gear automatically switch on the camera, the radio must be connected to the wire at the rear of the transmission. To this end, the standard wiring harness of the car we need to find the wire coming from the transmission. This can be done with a multimeter or continuity. Put her in reverse and test which of the wires appeared +12V.