Advice 1: How do you know that it hurts the liver

The liver is the main filtering organ, which does not allow harmful substances to poison the body. Poor ecology, taking medication, alcohol, fatty foods, and disrupts the liver. The symptoms appear, indicating that it is time to see a doctor, undergo a medical examination and serious treatment of the body.
How do you know that it hurts the liver
When violation of the liver, you receive a number of complaints. In the first place there is bitterness in the mouth, you may see a thick layer of coating on the tongue, which can be of different colors, bad breath.
You can also experience lethargy, fatigue, nausea in the morning and during the day, which testifies to the poisoning of the body not processed toxins due to stagnation of bile. Can occur digestive disorders, heaviness in the gastrointestinal tract, constipation, headaches, heaviness in the right hypochondrium.
Since the liver has no nerve endings, it is about the disease can be found only on the common subjective complaints. The body is not sick, but sick all the organs that depend on normal functioning of the liver.
The poor performance of the liver significantly reduces the body's immune defenses, as all the harmful substances cause General poisoning, and the body is in constant overload from the presence of intoxication, and you are concerned about colds and viral infections.
If you feel stomach burning, you often suffer heartburn, it may also indicate liver disease, as the stagnant bile may be released in the gastrointestinal tract, which is very dangerous because of the possibility of ulcers, not to mention the constant discomfort and unpleasant sensations.
In the presence of at least one or two of these symptoms, contact your GP, get a referral to a gastroenterologist-hepatologist and complete the full course of the medical examination. You will be directed to the common tests, the ultrasound, spend the sensing and the bile examined for the presence of parasites.
Depending on the results of the examination will prescribed treatment. If the gallbladder contains stones it can carry out surgical treatment. Inflammation will prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotectors, choleretic fees, diet, re-examination.

Advice 2 : What to do when the pain in the liver

The liver is a unique organ that is involved in digestion, blood formation and metabolism. Its main function barrier, liver cells cleanse the blood of toxins. When there is pain in the liver, it can be caused by several factors.
What to do when the pain in the liver
By themselves, liver cells do not have pain receptors. The pain is caused when the stretched capsule of the liver. It is common in acute and chronic inflammation (hepatitis), inflammation and stone formation in the gall bladder, as well as various tumors of the liver.

If the liver is diseased, first you need to consult a gastroenterologist. The doctor will prescribe common blood test that helps to reveal inflammation. Indicators of detoxification function of the liver reflects liver function tests. If they are elevated, so is intoxication. The next step is to check for the presence of hepatitis. Their several varieties, each species have their own methods of determining.

If blood tests revealed the presence of hepatitis (A,b,C,D or E), further treatment will be conducted by the doctor hepatologist. He will prescribe the detoxification, antibacterial or antiviral therapy, depending on the type of hepatitis.

The second leading reason for liver pain is cholecystitis – inflammation of the gallbladder. There are acute and chronic. In the acute form the common symptom is jaundice, i.e., staining of the skin yellow. In chronic pain there are periods of exacerbation, i.e. after the intake of spicy, fried and fatty foods. The same signs are in the presence of stones in the gallbladder. However, if the stone is big in size, pain in the liver may be severe and paroxysmal. Such signs should be an ultrasound examination of the liver or a CT scan. Depending on the type and size of the stone treatment will be different. There are gallbladder stones that can be treated conservatively by a gastroenterologist. He will prescribed diet, medications and Dubai. If the stone to be removed, the surgeon will prescribe laparoscopic or abdominal surgery.

Pain in the liver can be caused by the formation of its tissue tumors, cysts, or abscess. Such formations are usually well diagnosed on ultrasound. Ultrasound can pass on their own, without a doctor's prescription as a primary method of diagnosis. Special preparation before the test isn't required. It is best done on an empty stomach, and the day before to limit the intake of foods rich in fiber.

Advice 3 : How to determine liver hurts or not

The liver is very large and very important digestive gland. Its mass is about 1, 5 kg. the Liver is involved in metabolic processes and accumulation in the body of various substances. It promotes the production of bile, synthesizes proteins and vitamins and also transforms the toxins into safe substances.
How to determine liver hurts or not
Liver diseases are characterized by a dull aching sensation or heaviness in the right hypochondrium. These pains are of a continuing nature throughout the day, aggravated by physical exertion, driving, eating fats, fried or spicy food and settle down at rest.
Such pain is transmitted to the right shoulder blade, the back can be felt in the right side of the neck. They are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, belching, heartburn, flatulence, bloating and bitter taste in the mouth.
For liver disease may include muscle weakness, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, reduced efficiency, intolerance to fats, and appetite disorders.
Often there are headaches, even a tendency to syncope. Sometimes the skin slight bleeding. In women can happen menstrual cycle, men face problems with potency.
During liver disease sometimes you can observe the appearance of yellow skin tone. Simultaneously, the presence of dark color urine and discoloration of feces. On the background of jaundice, especially prolonged, develops itchy skin, indicating that the increase in blood volume of the components of bile.
The most severe diffuse disease of the liver is cirrhosis of the liver. Among the external symptoms of the disease may be noted malaise, poor sleep, weakness. Periodically manifested jaundice, itching and bleeding in the skin. A sick person loses weight due to violation of digestion and absorption.

Very often on the skin can be observed the expansion of small blood vessels. The skin of the palms is red, men grow Breasts. For liver cirrhosis characterized by pain in the right hypochondrium, enlargement and bloating.
Useful advice
Often a liver disease occur with just noticeable clinical symptoms, but the complication can bear a huge threat to human health and even life. So if any suspicion of liver disease or to prevent their development seek the advice of a physician, if necessary, go ultrasound examination, computed tomography or laparoscopy.

Some of the disease are generally asymptomatic (steatosis of the liver, hemangioma) and are detected only during ultrasound enlarged liver.
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