Symptoms of liver disease

By itself, the liver can not hurt due to the lack of pain centers or receptors, which would be the signal for the beginning of pathological processes. The pain symptoms are usually due to inflammation in the sheath, which is in the liver or in the organs that are in close proximity, for example, in biliary tract, gall bladder or stomach.

Pain associated with pain in the liver area, may be aching and aggravated by excessive exercise. A sharp pain may be felt in the back, shoulder blade or neck, depending on the intensity and localization of the source. For diseases of the liver characterized by the feeling of heaviness and tingling in the right hypochondrium in the daytime and at night.
Pain in the liver usually increases after the intake of heavy fatty, fried or spicy foods in large volumes. In some cases there is bad breath, bitter taste, flatulence, heartburn, diarrhea, and sometimes constipation.

Causes of pain syndrome

Pain can be caused by various factors. Common cause sharp pain in the liver acts as excessive physical stress, which can negatively affect the work of the authority.

A great influence on the development of pain is having the presence of a large number of harmful substances in the body caused by eating food with a high content of harmful substances, which can hardly be recycled to the digestive system. Common cause of diseases of the bile ducts and stomach is the abuse of alcoholic drinks, which provoke the appearance of pain.
A large amount of stress and the presence of diseases associated with the human nervous system, are also factors that negatively affect the liver.

Pain in the liver can be a signal of the presence of diseases associated with bile the ways of man and his digestive system. So, pain in the right hypochondrium occur due to gastritis, cholangitis, pancreatitis. Some doctors also say irritable bowel syndrome as a factor in discomfort. Among the more serious diseases that may cause even death of the patient, marked cirrhosis, amyloidosis, hepatitis, abscess, cancer or benign growths in the body.

To prevent further progression of the disease and to cope with the unpleasant sensations, you must exclude from your diet junk food and consult a gastroenterologist or hepatologist who will help to cope with the disease and the correct diagnosis. It can help in the future to get rid of pain and may cause undesirable complications.