Douching is a therapeutic procedure consisting in the rinsing of the vaginal walls with a special compound for medicinal purposes. This procedure is intended for chronic diseases of cervix, vagina, and appendages. In any case, douching should not be used for reasons of hygiene, as it can lead to leaching of the vaginal flora that can cause the appearance of dysbiosis or thrush.

When douching washed away the natural lubrication from the vagina, causing irritation and dryness of the vaginal tissue. Therefore, such a procedure is undesirable to make women older than 45 years (especially after menopause), since in this age there are problems of vaginal dryness due to the lack of the right amount of grease. And this, in turn, leads to feelings of discomfort.

Vaginal douching is absolutely contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes of genital organs, such as parametritis, adnexitis, acute metro-endometritis, pelvioperitonit. And also not recommended douching after abortion, during pregnancy and menstruation, in the first few weeks after birth.

For irrigation traditionally used Esmarch mug that has a plastic or glass tip. To do this, pour into a mug of prepared warm solution, depending on the required treatment. In any case, do not use the tip for the enema, it can cause gynecological disease or infection by pathogenic bacteria.

During the procedure douching try to relax and ensure that the water supply was not under great pressure. Otherwise it may lead to the ingress of fluid into the uterine cavity, it will lead to inflammatory processes. For carrying out douching lie down on her back in the bathroom. The feet on the sides of the bath and gently insert into the vagina tip a mug Esmarch or syringe, and type of medicinal fluid.

Many use the procedure douching to protect against unwanted pregnancy. Actually prevent pregnancy so it is impossible to 100 percent. Therefore it is better to choose a different, more reliable method of contraception.