Drugs for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias in the first place should be aimed at eliminating its causes. If cardiac contractions were caused by diseases of the cardiovascular system - hypertension, coronary artery disease or heart attack, the patient is assigned to beta-blockers ("Pindolol", "Celiprolol", "Nebivolol", "Betaxolol", "Metoprolol", "Carvedilol"). These drugs lower blood pressure and help reduce the number of cardiac contractions. It should be borne in mind that they can cause choking, so they are not prescribed for bronchial asthma and other chronic diseases of the respiratory organs.

To treat arrhythmias of all types often use Cordaron". The drug is taken during the first two weeks after an attack of arrhythmia. "Cordaron" do not use with bradycardia with a pulse not exceeding 50 beats per minute, atrioventricular heart block, during pregnancy, in human bronchi, thyroid gland. In such cases, patients are prescribed "Verapamil", "Digoxin", "Adenosine".

In ventricular form of arrhythmia used "Flecainide", "Propafenon". If the exacerbation of the disease was delayed, for thinning blood flow prescribed anticoagulants "Heparin", "enoxaparin", "Fondaparinux". Subcutaneous injection of these drugs do within 7 days. They are introduced to the region about the navel twice a day. After a course of injections taken orally tablets of Warfarin to prevent the formation of blood clots. To protect the heart from ischemia, for his food and to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body the patient is prescribed "Mildronat", "Asparkam", "Riboksin", "Panangin", "Arinet", "Kokarboksilazu".

Medicines for the relief of arrhythmia

Cupping permanent atrial fibrillation apply "Metoprolol", "Bisoprolol", "Atenolol (beta-blockers), antagonists potassium "Verapamil" or "Warfain", during their reception it is necessary to constantly monitor the blood clotting. Patients with arrhythmia, it is recommended to carry soothing medicinal products "Valerian", "sage". Be useful products based on hawthorn - "Crotal", "Correvit", "Cardiofit". The medicines which have been prescribed by a doctor, must be taken at the same time. The pills should be water as the rest of the liquid affect the metabolism of drugs and their absorption. It is important to monitor the amount of drugs and stock up on them for the future.