People suffering from pancreatitis, need special nourishment. Meals should be gentle, without any extra stimuli, and mainly in ground form. Excluded from the use of all fatty foods, smoked meat, beans, cabbage, any acidic fruits and vegetables. Preference for lean meat boiled chicken, rabbit, Turkey. Also you can eat lean meat fish only in cooked condition, various cereals.

It is very important to monitor protein intake during treatment, his daily rate must not be lower than 130 grams, because protein is responsible for the major restorative functions in the body. The main emphasis should be placed on animal protein, a plant can not be more than 30% per day.

Steam chicken cutlets

To prepare this meat for a couple you need to take:

- chicken – 500 g;
- raw egg – 1 PC.;
Sol – 3-4

Chicken fillet rinse and mince twice. You then put in the minced raw egg, add few salt mass and mix well. Further, it should be molded from the resulting meat patties and put them on the grill steamer. Cook patties for a couple should be about 25 minutes.

Instead of steam cutlets you can cook meat souffle, baked in the oven, lean rabbit meat.

Soufflé rabbit

To prepare you will need the following ingredients:

- rabbit meat – 60 g;
- milk – 30 ml;
butter – 5 g;
- raw egg – ¼ PC.;
- salt – 0,5 g.

The flesh of the rabbit should be separated from the bones, wash and cut into pieces. Then the pieces of rabbit meat should be minced with a blender. The resulting meat should be slightly prisolit, pour into it the milk and add the raw egg yolk. The whole mass thoroughly mixed. Egg whites should be whipped in a separate bowl to a froth and then add to the main meat, again carefully mix the mass for the souffle.

Molds for souffle should be lubricated inside with oil and fill them with stuffing. Place the ramekins on a baking tray with water and put in a preheated 180 ° C oven. Bake soufflé rabbit should be about 30 minutes based on the size of the molds.

Should not be overused dairy products, as in pancreatitis milk in its pure form is poorly perceived by the body. It is better in a small amount to add to cereal or purees.

Natural omelette in a water bath

To prepare the omelet, you need to take the following products:

- raw eggs – 2 PCs.;
- milk (low-fat) – 30 ml;
butter – 5 g;
- salt – 0,5 g.

Raw eggs can be beaten, add to them the milk and salt. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed. For cooking you'll need enameled bowl of scrambled eggs and a pan for water bath, on which you can install the bowl.

The bowl should be greased inside with oil and then fill it with the egg mixture. Further, a container with the mixture to set in a water bath and cover it with a lid. When the egg mass will grow and acquire the consistency of a souffle, a bowl of scrambled eggs can be removed from the water bath.

You should not eat large amounts of carbohydrates. Allowed small portions of porridge of buckwheat, oats or rice, boiled noodles or potatoes, but the daily rate of consumption of these products shall not exceed 350 g.