You will need
  • diet;
  • - enema;
  • - 1-1,5 liters of clean water.
If you have an ultrasound to be performed through the abdominal wall, the first guide training to the results of the study were as efficient and reliable. Follow the diet for 7 days before the survey. As ultrasound of the small bodies will be carried out through the abdominal wall, the stomach and the intestines must be free from food.
The week before the survey eat dairy and dairy products. Exclude from the diet of bread and bakery products, all products that cause flatulence, meat, hard to digest foods. One day before the examination drink only milk or yogurt, do morning and evening cleansing enema using warm water and a mug Esmarch".
If you have an ultrasound with a vaginal sensor, and it is performed most often to detect diseases of organs of small pelvis, in addition to diet, spend a few cleansing enemas and be sure to do an enema in the morning before the ultrasound. Bring 1 liter of pure non-carbonated water. Drink water 1 hour before examination. Ultrasound is performed first on a full bladder, and then released.
Men spend transvaginal ultrasound transducer transrectal way. Therefore, it is particularly important that the gastrointestinal tract was empty, and the intestines are cleaned by enema.
During the inspection of the fetus on early terms of pregnancy, you will determine not only the precise timing of the pregnancy itself, but also examined all the internal organs of the fetus, allowing for the earliest possible time to decide whether to continue the pregnancy or better to interrupt them.